East-Side Learning and Activity Team Experience

       Started in August 2008, ELATE is a consortium of the traditional feeder schools of Kelly Walsh High School.

ELATE is focused on the Four Cornerstones of Kelly Walsh High School. These Cornerstones are: Academic Achievement, Activity Excellence, Athletic Excellence, and Acceptance.

We believe that by working together to share a common vision, establish common expectations, share resources, and celebrate successes, students in ELATE schools will be Prepared for their Next Step, regardless of what that step might be. ELATE meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month. Anyone interested in participating should contact the principal at (307) 253- 2000.
Centennial JH Casper Classical Academy Frontier MS
Pineview Verda James Manor Heights
Evansville Woods Learning Center Bar Nunn
University Park Willard Sagewood