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The Kelly Walsh Career Center is a student, parent and faculty resource for career and employment information. The Career Center staff, Malonye Sanger and Kathy Matthies, can assist with the following:
  1. Employment:
    • We have a job board listing current openings from community sources and the Casper Workforce Center. Jobs are updated each week. We also have a representative from the Casper Employment Center visit the Career Center each week, to assist students in their job search.
    • We can help students fill out job applications and teach them how to create resumes.
    • We are also the contact for students wishing to earn independent work credit.
  2. Career Exploration:
    • The Career Center is the place to go for information on careers, further education and training after high school, and the military.
    • We offer a number of resources to help students research their options. We have numerous books, magazines, brochures, videos, DVD's and computer programs for them to explore.
    • Students can take assessments on the computer to show which occupations match their interests and skills.
    • Then they can look up information on hundreds of careers, colleges and technical schools. There is even information on financial aid.
    • Students can participate in the Job Shadowing Program where they can explore careers through hands-on experiences..
The Career Center is also the contact point for various career events that occur throughout the year. We are open throughout the day from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, and during both lunches.

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Malonye Sanger
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