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           The KWHS Tennis Team has established a tradition of excellence with multiple individual, doubles, and team state championships. The team participates in a split season that occurs in both the fall and spring.

JV Team

           We are very proud of our team. Many athletes, coaches, and even parents from other teams congratulated us and complimented our teams in our sportsmanship, our playing abilities, and in our interrelationships within the team and with others present at the tourney. That goes down as the best compliment we could receive, because we are trying to shape young people's lives to become postive contributing members of society. We won't remember ten years from now who won, but what we took away from our experiences.


2014 Women's Roster

Kristen Boothe Brittany Miller Julianna Bjorksten Ana Mae Schickich
Breanna Carrick Jazmin Bjorksten Madison Reed Ally Richards
Alle Szewczyk Holly Bauchert Teauna Martinez Peyton Baker
Sheyanne Thompson Emily Applegate Madison Torczon Clarissa Stinson
Ellie Rone Mackenzie Chadderdon Raelyn Malson Allyn Harris
Kelli Bennon Addie Shafer Savannah Allsop Shaylee McMullin
Abree Hill Denise Handke Hannah Mika Julia Vergnes

2014 Men's Roster

Matthew Paris Kaden Norman Sam Reifke Hayden Blase
Owen Hof Zach Richards Zach Whipps Zach Sixbey
Joel Montoya Garrett Lacko Braylon Cardenas Jacob Campbell
Nathan Woodward Ethan Applegate Drew Fritzler Matt Melon


Date Event/Opponent Location Time
8/29/14 MatchVS. Laramie Laramie High School 4:30PM
8/30/14 MatchVS. Cheyenne East Kelly Walsh High School 9AM
8/30/14 MatchVS. Cheyenne Central Kelly Walsh High School 2:30PM
9/4/14 MatchVS. Sheridan Sheridan High School 3PM
9/5/14 Girls OnlyMatch VS. Torrington Casper Country Club 3PM
9/6/14 JV Tournament VS. TBA Kelly Walsh High School 10AM
9/11/14 JV MatchVS. Natrona County Kelly Walsh High School 4PM
9/12/14 JV MatchVS. Natrona County Kelly Walsh High School 4PM
9/13/14 JV Tournament VS. Campbell County Campbell County High School 9AM
9/13/14 MatchVS. Powell Casper Country Club 10AM
9/13/14 MatchVS.Cody Casper Country Club 2PM
9/18/14 MatchVS. Campbell County Kelly Walsh High School 2PM
9/19/14 MatchVS. Riverton Riverton High School 10AM
9/20/14 JV Tournament VS. Sherdian Sherdian High School 9AM
9/20/14 Match VS. Jackson Hole Jackson Hole High School 10AM
9/26/14 RegionalsVS. Cody Cody High School 8AM
10/2/14 StateVS. Campbell County Campbell County High School 8AM
10/3/14 StateVS. Campbell County Campbell County High School 8AM
10/4/14 StateVS. Campbell County Campbell County High School 8AM

Ryan Jay

Albert Johnson