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       Welcome to the home page for Kelly Walsh's FIRST Robotics TEam. FIRST stands for “Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”. The competition allows high school teams a six-week timeframe to solve the same problem using a standard “kit of parts” and pre-set rules and guidelines. The result is a robot that is able to complete specific tasks, is completely built and run by the students, and cannot exceed 120 pounds. Casper’s team's name is “Wyohazard”. This year's team consists of twenty students from the college, Kelly Walsh, NC, and Roosevelt. The high school students are enrolled in a BOCES class at Casper College for the Robotics class. They are supervised by certified teachers who have volunteered their time and expertise in math, physics and engineering. The adults maintain safety while the students research, design, build and operate their robot. The purpose of this "FIRST" Robotics competition was: “To create a world where science and technology are celebrated…..where young people dream of becoming science and technology heroes.”

      After three days of competition, problem-solving, trouble-shooting, serendipity, more problem solving, a broken ethernet connector, more problem solving, more trouble-shooting, a loose wire connection, and more serendipity our team placed 31 our of 48 teams. Our team which is made up of all rookies, competed with tenacity, passion, patience, grace, professionalism, and maturity that beguiles their age. It never ceases to amaze me what these kids can do when they are put into intensely stressful situations. When everything worked, they scored points and participated with other robots. They came up with a completly unique method to get onto a teeter totter ramp that was eventually copied by other teams because of its efficiency. They never gave up! Not once. There was a calmness and sureness in their methods. At one point they realized that the wheels were mounted incorrectly. They had 30 minutes to remove and revise these wheels (which are quite complicated). They pulled it off and were ready for their next round. Being the only Wyoming team at the Colorado regional and knowing that they could leave early, they chose to stay and support the other teams, clapping and cheering when trophy after trophy was handed out to these teams. On the bus ride home, they talked about how next year they would take home a trophy (or 2). Please congratulate these fine young minds when you see them.
Chris Dove
Harrison Jacobsen
Joey Perales
Patrick Pitsley
Kyle Murray
Jacob Mosely
Rayshell Kalkofen
Dusty Johnson
Katie Keegan
Joe Elton
Brandon Wenberg
Nicki Sink

2012-2013 Robotics Team

Connor Walsh Keenan Mattews Dusty Johnson Rayshell Kalkofen
Harrison Jacobsen Jacob Mosley Joseph Elton Karl VonBuettner
Chris Dove Joey Perales Patrick Pitsley Kyle Murray
Katie Keegan Joe Elton Brandon Wenberg Nicki Sink

Ryan Owens