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Agriculture is a comprehensive series of courses offered at KWHS. Students will take Ag I, and then upon enrollment take Ag II, then Ag III and finally Ag IV. In agriculture we study four major areas: Agricultural Leadership. Agricultural Science, Agricultural Managment and Agricultural Business.

In Ag leadership we cover FFA, speaking skills, teamwork, goal setting, organization, learning styles, agriculture as an industry, community involvement, and employability skills just to name a few.

In Ag science students learn about the scientific method, agronomy and horticulture, natural resources (wildlife, enviornment preservation), genetics, agricultural systems (like aquaculture), anatomy and physiology, and meat science just to name a few.

In Ag management students learn about the following industries: sheep, goats, beef, swine, horse, poultry and dairy. Students explore diseases, reporiductive cycle care, hay harvesting systems, rangeland management, evaluating expected progeny differences, feeding and managing and evaluating livestock, just to name a few.

In ag business students explore net worth and cash flow sheets, managing finances, keeping records, taxes, agricultural economics, debating current agricultural issues, public relations, agricultural sales, public speaking, resume preparation, job interviewing skills, careers in agriculture and using parliamentary procedure, again, just to name a few.

There are 3 components to Ag. Ed: Ag in the classroom, Supervised Agricultural Experience (an experience for the student outside of the school that the individual gains experience and/or profit from. This can be in the form of a job, volunteering, science experiments, owning your own business, etc, etc.) and FFA. It is a co-curricular component of agricultural education. FFA is the largest youth leadership organization in the country and is currently at 540,379 active members and growing! FFA used to be known as "The Future Famers of America", but a name change to "The National FFA Organization" occured to reflect the diversity in the agricultural industry. You don't have to be a farmer to be in ag! FFA develops leaderhip skills, self-confidence, speaking skills, employability skills, decision making skills, and other traits that encourage youth to become productive, contributing adults. The National FFA Organization gives out over 2 million dollars in scholarships each year, in addition to state FFA scholarships! Traveling opportunities, ranging from state wide, to nationally and international travel exist for those active in FFA. The connections and friendships that FFA members make are valuable and last a lifetime!

Agriculture is the worlds largest and most vital industry. It was the first industry to ever be established and survives the test of time to continue producing food, fiber and shelter for all living creatures on earth! Without agriculture we are humans could not survive!

Being the most imperitive industry to our survival, students need to have a comprehensive understanding of agriculture. This aquisition of knowledge can happen through enrollment in the coarse!

KW FFA Officers

President: Holli Knight
Vice President: Aly Balas
2nd Vice President: Sam Sharp
Secretary: Taylor Goddard
Treasurer: Ian Brooks
Sentinel: Lexi Hageman
Reporter: Bree Hansen
Parliamentarian: McKaila Martinez
Jesse Atkinson
Jessie Atkinson