Kelly Walsh offers dozens of clubs for students with a wide variety of interests. Many of our clubs attend state, regional, and national competitions where KW students have won many Wyoming State and even National Championships. Clubs at KW are just one more opportunity for students to get involved and improve their school experience.

American Sign Language

We, the Kelly Walsh High School ASL Club,
WILL make people aware of deafness
BY raising money, sharing signs and participating with the community,
SO THAT we can support the Casper Deaf Community.

Students meet twice a month to plan activities within the school and the community.
We fundraise annually to support our ASL Honor Society Induction ceremony held in the spring.

American Sign Language Honor Society encourages and recognizes high academic achievement in ASL Studies for high school. Like Honor Societies for other languages, the ASLHS Seeks to enrich the overall learning experience of those studying ASL.

Maria Nolan, Sponsor

Chess Club

Chess is the game of skill. At KW, Chess Club is a group of students that enjoy chess for many reasons.
If you want to learn chess, teach chess or challenge us, join the Kelly Walsh Chess Club today.
Grant Glock, Sponsor

Congressional Award

The Wyoming Congressional Award provides opportunities for young people to unleash their potential by achieving personal goals focused on volunteerism, character development and fitness. The Congressional Award is a national, non-competitive program for all youth ages 13 ½ to 23 who are willing to accept the challenge of setting personal goals to better themselves and their communities. It's about achieving something extraordinary. Are you ready for the challenge? If you achieve the Gold Medal you will be rewarded a $1,000 scholarship and an all expenses paid trip to Washington D.C. to be nationally recognized.
Chase Olsen, Sponsor


Students who are intereseted in business and marketing should join KWHS DECA. We focus on preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance (including personal finance), hospitality and management. Our members participate in a fall conference, compete in mini-meets held throughout the state, and compete at the state level for the chance to earn a trip to the international conference held in April each year at various locations (Orlando, Nashville, Atlanta, or Los Angeles). Through participation in DECA activities, 92% of DECA members world-wide say they learned to communicate thoughts and ideas, how to organize a presentation and more about what businesses expect from employees, while gaining problem solving skills.
Jill Thompson, Sponsor

Digital Media Club

The Digital Media Club at Kelly Walsh High School offers opportunities for students to explore graphic design, digital photography, and video production. This student driven club plans and produces projects for school-wide use, as well as allow projects for personal development. Peer mentoring allows students to learn software and equipment that are industry standards. heffVhaves
Jeff Chavez, Sponsor

First Robotics

FIRST stands for “Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”. The competition allows high school teams a six-week timeframe to solve the same problem using a standard “kit of parts” and pre-set rules and guidelines. The result is a robot that is able to complete specific tasks, is completely built and run by the students, and cannot exceed 120 pounds. Casper’s team's name is “Wyohazard”. The high school students are enrolled in a BOCES class at Casper College for the Robotics class. The purpose of this "FIRST" Robotics competition was: “To create a world where science and technology are celebrated…..where young people dream of becoming science and technology heroes.”
Kora Huffman, Sponsor

French Club

The Kelly Walsh French Club is an opportunity for any student interested in the French language or culture can come, hang out and discover. We watch French movies, listen to French music, discuss current trends in politics, fashion, film, etcetera. We try our hand at French cooking (especially crêpes!) and discover regions of France and their specialties: hunting, hiking, castles, art, architecture …
The club is open to all past, current and future French students as well as those who might be interested in any aspect of the French culture.
Anne Underbrink, Sponsor

Gourmet Club

This class/club meets everyday 1st block. We specialize in learning about the vast culinary world and restaurant business opportunities. Our main focus is catering for events and meals throughout the school year for on and off campus while learning the aspects of running a catering and/or restaurant business. donnaScott
Donna Scott, Sponsor

Japanese Club

We are all about Japanese Culture, and we welcome everyone that is interested in learning about the culture. There are a variety of cultural experience opportunities, such as field trips, food making, Haiku night, cultural festivals, Japanese movie/anime watching, just to name a few. In addition, we will do public service in our community---Christmas caroling (although it is not Japanese culture), teaching children Japanese culture and language. Japanese National Honor Society is also available. We strive for tolerance, acceptance and excellence while having fun together. KarouSlotsve
Karou Slotsve, Sponsor


The Publications class at Kelly Walsh is a class where students produce the school yearbook and write stories for the Kelly Kall online student newspaper ( The class teaches real-world skills in marketing and advertising to raise money for our publications. If you love writing, taking pictures and graphic design, the publications class would be a good fit for you. LizMasterson
Liz Masterson, Sponsor

Key Club

Key Club is an international club and the largest high school service club in the world. We are the high school version of the International Kiwanis Club. Our motto is: "Changing the world one community, one child at a time" and "Sharing is caring". we currently help support children in Zimbabwe and help fund a school building in Vietnam.
Sally O'Brien, Sponsor

Movie Club

"In movie club we watch and discuss popular movies from all different time periods. If you like movies, want to learn more about movies, or want to expand the types of movies you watch, movie club is the place for you. After we watch a movie we discuss what we liked, didnt like, technical elements, and all other aspects of movies" jasonMurdock
Jason Murdock, Sponsor

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society ranks as one of the oldest and most prestigious national organizations for high school students. Chapters exist in three-fourths of the nation’s high schools and, since 1921 - millions of students have been selected for membership.

Students are selected for membership by meeting high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.
Scholarship: Students must meet and maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or better and be enrolled in 2 or more Advanced or Honors courses per year.
Leadership: Students are also expected to be leaders in the school and community.
Character: Students who have qualities of reliability, honesty, and sincerity.
Service: Students are expected to be involved with community and school service activities.

Becky Byer, Sponsor


Kelly Walsh Powerlifting Club competes at regional and national competitions representing Kelly Walsh, Casper, and Wyoming. These athletes work extremely hard in the weight room and are excited about the opportunity to represent KWHS and the Casper community at the National Meet. Our vision is that Powerlifting will provide another healthy competitive alternative to those students who are not part of a traditional high school team sport.
Bart Stricklin, Sponsor

Programming Club

Programming Club is open to anyone who would like to join who enjoys programming or would like to learn. We meet on Monday afternoons from 3:30 to about 5. The students are completely in charge of what goes on in the club. One of the first things they wanted to do was build a quad copter. They researched and developed a list of supplies needed and they were ordered. Once the supplies arrived the students built, programmed, and then learned to fly. Currently the students are working on creating a game. They are planning, designing, and programming. BeckyUnderwood
Becky Byer, Sponsor

Science Club

The science club was organized to compete in various competitions in February through March. The first competition is the science bowl. This is usually held in Casper and is a five member team battling wits with other teams from around the state. Regional winners qualify for a expense paid trip to Washington DC for a national competition. paulKasza
Paul Kasza, Sponsor

Skills USA

The Wyoming SkillsUSA Championships is the state-level competition for public high school and college/post-secondary technical students enrolled in trade, technical, and skilled service profession instructional programs including allied health occupations. Working against the clock and each other, the participants proved their expertise in job skills for occupations such as electronics, technical drafting, precision machining, medical assisting and culinary arts. There were also competitions in leadership skills, such as extemporaneous speaking and conducting meetings by parliamentary procedures.
Kathy Matthies, Sponsor

Spanish Club

Spanish Club is an organization that enriches knowledge of the Hispanic Culture on campus. This club is not only for students taking a Spanish class, but for anyone who would like to enhance their cultural awareness. A great aspect of this club is you get a chance to meet new people and make new friends. Fun events allow students from any ethnicity to get involved and earn extra points for use in Spanish class. Spanish club helps create an appreciation for other cultures, is a great way to practice what you are learning in Spanish class, and finally, you get to eat delicious food! desireeHiggins
Desiree Higgins, Sponsor

Unicycle Club

The KWHS Unicycle Club is open to and welcomes any KWHS student! Students ride in school assemblies and afterschool on Thursdays in the halls, where they share tips and encouragement for improving skills and play games on unicycles. Be adventuresome, take the challenge, and come join the fun while learning to ride! Students can join throughout the year. "We teach each other! We are inspiring!"
Lynette Wiginton, Sponsor