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       Kelly Walsh Choirs provide an excellent music education. Students learn and sing music in a variety of styles, genres, and languages. They celebrate cultural differences and traditions through song. There are five different choirs which the students at Kelly Walsh may participate in; Concert Choir (a mixed choir open to all without audition), A Cappella (an auditioned mixed choir), Encore (an auditioned jazz choir), Esprit des Corps (an auditioned men’s choir), and Cantabile (an auditioned treble choir). It is the goal of the KW Choirs to exhibit professionalism as musicians, audience members, and individuals.
The Kelly Walsh Choirs are a family. It is about the people, relationships, leadership, teamwork, and the work and connections with one another which make KW Choir a great to be and an overall excellent musical product. Students work closely with one-another performing in concerts, festivals, competitions, and sing the National Anthem at all KW Varsity Football, Basketball, and Volleyball games.

“We aren’t just a choir - we’re a team and a family.
”Come be a part our family and our tradition of excellence!


Katrina Rooney