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Kelly Walsh’s fine arts programs are doing there best to make a difference by building a stronghold of powerful thinkers. They embrace students’ rights to be individuals; the fine arts help students acknowledge their own talents. Not only does it help students graduate, it builds their minds and creativity.

KW Art Students Excell at State Art Show

4 of our students got congressional awards and 36 blue ribbons. If you see these students please congratulate them. The four congressional winners are:
Brett Wolfe - Frankenstein
Riga Christopherson - Untitled
Fallyn Griffi -n Broken
Kindle Meek - Untitled

KW Choir Students Dominate

Kelly Walsh has 20 students accepted to the 2012 ACDA All-Northwest Honor Choirs. These students competed by submitting "blind" auditions and have been selected as top students along with other students from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. These students will travel to Seattle to participate in these choirs in March. Kelly Walsh has the most students accepted to All-Northwest in the entire state of Wyoming and is among the top in the Northwest.

Samantha Allen, Haley Brewster, Seth Chambers, Nathan Day, Destinee Dockweiler, Whitley Eggelston, Alex Epp, Cierra Epp, Ariana Hahl, Nathaniel Kuhn, Seth Marshall, Bailey O’Reilly, Tatum Ortiz, Jordan Roan, Meilanie Roan, Nathan Searcey, Noah Southwick, Matt Stairs, Becca Triplett, Mykaela Wegner

2012 All-State Music

Kelly Walsh has the most students accepted (based on audition) into the 2012 All-State Music Ensembles out of all Wyoming high schools!

All-State Choir

Sam Allen, Kevin Baldwin, Keegan Beamer, Seth Chambers, Sean Cometto, Zeph Connell, Alex Epp, Ari Hahl, Nate Kuhn, Austin Marquez, Seth Marshall, Evan Mayers, Sean O’Hearn, Jordan Roan, Meilani Roan, Raeghan Rudkin, Nate Searcey, Matt Stairs, Natassia Strayer, Paulina Strayer, Becca Triplett, Michaela Tuft

All-State Orchestra

Zach Ahrndt – Bass, Anastasia Beeson – Violin, Jessica Berg – Cello, Anna Bohren – Bass, Jack Hess – Viola, Emily Jensen – Violin, Izzi Rash – Cello, Tyler Thorne – Cello, Joey Wheeler – Violin, Jordan Wood - Viola

All-State Band

Rachel Haass – Flute/Pic, Alissa Casey – Clarinet , DeLane Doyle – Percussion, Ben Kinnion – Bass Clar., Gabe Miller – Clarinet (ORCH), Blair Mothersbaugh – Flute, Sarah Reed – Clarinet, Ashley Saulcey – Flute

Chip Slafter
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Karen Littell
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Chris Asay
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Traci Kennedy
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Mike Stedillie
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Katrina Rooney
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Corinne Eastwood
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Chris Ehrlich
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  • Drawing-Painting:I,II,III
  • Printmaking:I,II,III
  • Art-Studio:I,II,III
  • Three dimensional design
    (art clay and sculpture)I,II,III
  • Photography
  • Design and Color Theory
  • Visual Arts Study - I,II,III, IV
  • Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Contemporary Band
  • Percussion
  • A Cappella
  • Cantabile
  • Concert Choir
  • Encore
  • Chorus I, II, III
  • Vocal Ensemble
  • Music Theory
  • AP Music Theory
  • Drama I
  • Drama II
  • Drama III
  • Drama IV
  • Stage Craft
  • Guitar I
  • Guitar II
  • Guitar III
  • Guitar IV
  • Orchestra
  • Chamber Orchestra